Along with stories, I have for most of my life, enjoyed writing poetry. Some ok, some bad, some terrible, and once in a long while, a winner. You be the judge, and please leave constructive feed back.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

To Our (not so) Honorable Representatives:

To Our (not so) Honorable Representatives:

You think you can do
Whatever you want
And ignore all the people
Who are telling you “don’t!”
Your agenda is all that
Matters to you
So you lie through your teeth
And think we are fools.

The people are on
To you and your game.
We’re tired of your mocking
And calling us names;
Your shady little deals
Behind closed doors,
And all of those betrayals.
We’re now keeping score.

Our children’s education
Was up for bid.
And our schools are getting worse
From the thing you did
“No Child Left Behind”
And “Common Core”
While critical thinking and logic
Are tossed out the door.

Our children are victims
And their future is bleak.
Many can’t read
And their math skills are weak.
But you don’t care
Your plan is going swell!
While our children and country
Are going to Hell.

An American citizen
Can’t find a career,
They kept looking for jobs
But there aren’t any here.
For Americans, that is,
There are plenty to find
If you’re illegal and sneaked in
Across the line.

Or if you have a visa
To come for a job,
And will work for pennies
While Americans are robbed
Of their future, their hopes,
Their dignity and pride.
We know who’s done this
And there’s nowhere to hide.

You tell us we’re safe
That terrorist can’t come
Into our workplace,
Our schools, or our homes.
But we see that’s a lie
Again and again
And now you go crazy
And invite them right in.

While you bring in refugees,
Terrorist in disguise,
With political correctness
You cover your lies.
Trying to shames us
Into submission and silence
But we are tired of that game
And your unending arrogance

You think you can repeal
And take away our rights
You say you’re not in day
But pass laws at night
Then say things like “hate speech”
Is all you intend
To curtail so that no one
Can say words that offend

The whole purpose of having
The freedom to speak
Is the right to say things
That offend or critique;
To voice your opinion
Whether it be right or wrong
To say it out loudly,
Or in print, or in song

Then you look down your noses
And condescend
And want to take away
Our right to defend
By claiming “it’s better
For the children, you see”
When it’s obvious you care nothing
For them or me.

We refuse to give in,
And let you take our guns
And yet you act like you can do it
Without permission.
But don’t ever try it,
By law, force, or sword.
Remember what happened
At Lexington and Concord!

You search all our data.
You comb all our files,
And monitor phone calls,
And track all our miles
The fourth amendment,
You’ve thrown out the door
And you think we’ll get over it,
If you just do it some more.

We’re all on a watchlist,
If we ever dared say
That something is wrong
With you treating Americans this way
Or if we spoke out against
The Tyrant-in-Chief
And called out our congress
As liars and thieves.

You treat all our veterans
Like worn out machines
While you ride around
In black limousines.
You sent them to fight,
But when they returned,
And needed your help
Their claims were all spurned

They need all the benefits
That were promised to them
They deserve to be helped,
Not delayed or condemned
Respect and honor
And healthcare are their due
But we see that honor
Means nothing to you.

I could go on, there’s
So much more to say,
About how you all
Have gone out of your way,
How you lie, cheat, and steal
To gain more control
To kill all our freedoms
And to accomplish your goals.

You think you can do
Anything that you please,
But the day is coming
We won’t be appeased.
We know where we stand
And we know what you’ve done
There’s no hiding, your actions
Are laid bare to the sun

We’re coming and somehow
We’ll take our land back
We’ll withstand your lies
And every attack
We’ll do whatever
It takes to prevail
Our fight for our freedoms
Will never fail.

©James L. Frady 12/27/2015

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Cherokee Moonlight

The moon shines on the Cherokee homeland
Across the ancient rolling hills
Down deep valleys and misty hollows
On rippling streams and flowing rivers
Deep black shadows hiding secrets
Superstitions are born and grow
Sounds in darkness creeping closer
Trees reach out with skeletal hands
Padded feet on shaded pathways
Stalking, creeping, ready to pounce
Sleek fur shining, reflecting moonlight
Primal power ever ready to spring
Gray fur trembling, hiding, waiting
Hoping the killer passes by
A sudden sound and lightning fast
Violent and deadly the night hunter strikes
Whispering wings gliding through  darkness
A lonely hoot in a great old oak
That rings through the forest, eerie, filling
the still black night with deep hollow echoes.
No answer comes but the owl hoots again
The moon shadows move imperceptibly slow
Night crawls on in the timeless vale
A million nights have passed before
The moon shines down, a breeze picks up
The trees sway in rhythm to an unheard tune
Whispered through the gray bare limbs.
A song as old as the mountain nights
It whispers words of darkness and beauty
And tells of life and the cycle of death
How some must die that some may live
And soulless nature marches on
Legends and memories haunt these hills
They find new life on moonlit nights
When nameless beasts hide in the shadows
And move about at the edge of vision.
Half seen and half imagined
Half remembered from buried memories
They stalk through dreams and sleepless nights
Always there waiting, watching, real or not
The moon shines on the Cherokee homeland
Across the ancient rolling hills
Down deep valleys and misty hollows
On rippling streams and flowing rivers
Deep black shadows hiding secrets
Superstitions are born and grow
Sounds in darkness creeping closer
Trees reach out with skeletal hands

(c) James Lee Frady 12/26/2015

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Coffee on a Frosty Morn

Coffee on a Frosty Morn.

It’s a Frosty morning,
It’s chilly outside.
First frost of the year
Came in last night.
My thermostat
Says it’s thirty-three
And I’m a believer.
It looks it to me.
But here inside
At the window I stand
Content and happy
With my coffee in hand
An old Navy cup
With a steamy dark brew
If you ain’t got any
I’m sorry for you.
If you were here
I’d happily share
But I’m here alone
And you’re way out there.
So I lift my cup
And give you a toast
I hope you have coffee
A dark hardy roast.
Winter is coming
And coffee is fine
To warm up your spirits
The way it does mine.

James L. Frady, October 18, 2015

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Rainy Autumn

Fall came in with rain
After the summer heat had gone
The days were quite and grey
The kind that make you feel alone
Clouds hung low and dark
The rain drifted misty and then
Came down torrents and sheets
Before abating to nothing again
Rainy days and nights
Followed one behind the other
The soggy driping world
Seemed wet and chilled all over
The leaves on maples and oak
Were starting  their autumn show
Bright spots in the gloom
With a softer pastel glow
Cool foggy days
Pass with a melancholy creep
Waiting for the returning sun
After this dripping week
When the sun comes shining through
And lights the autumn hills
And the colors rush to change
The nights grow clear and chill
Then the days will shine
The mountains dress like kings
In royal colored robes
In reds and yellows and greens
Then my spirits lift
And fly on the wandering breeze
Above the ancient mountains
And the brightly colored trees

© James L Frady, September 27, 2015

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thoughts of the Grand Canyon

I saw the canyon, truly grand
And stood on the edge on the rocks and sand
Looked through the distance and across the divide
Amazed at how deep, and rugged, and wide
I saw in the layers, steps to the past
And far, far below, the river roaring past
I looked, and I thought upon ages long gone  
And thought of the people and their stories and songs
That they sang out to gods they feared in the night
And offerings to ones they revered in the light
I thought how life is a blink then it’s gone
And soon we are part of the stories and songs
That those who remain tell to the young
About who we were and all that we’d done
This canyon was heavy with the weight of the years
And heavy with the labor of life, death, and tears
I watched as the shadows crept up the cliffs
And consumed the depths and darkened the rifts
The sun slowly sinking cast the darkness below
And the red-black shadows continued to grow
I walked away thoughtful with my mind gone afar
Adrift in the desert breeze, beneath the eternal stars.

© James L. Frady,  August 20, 2015

Friday, February 27, 2015

Mr. Spock Has Beamed Up.

I heard the news today, so sad
About a childhood friend I had
I left the crowd and hung my head
Because I heard that Spock was dead

We met daily, when I got home
And far across the stars we roamed
Logic was his life and way
That so many times had saved the day

Kirk, and I, and Mr. Spock
Explored new worlds at five o’clock
We took an hour to overcome
What some enemy had gone and done

And along the way we learned to live
What to hold to and what to give
And before each episode could end
We remembered the power of having friends

"Live long and prosper", Spock would say
And we departed until another day
At warp factor six through the starry skies
Across the galaxy flew the Enterprise

I dream still of planets, far
And often look up to the stars
I wonder if man will ever go
I wonder if we’ll ever know

The magic of interstellar flight
Through the galaxy’s eternal night
With my friends I have often gone
But too soon we all depart alone

I heard the news today, so sad
About a childhood friend I had
I must admit how I cried
The day they told me Nimoy died.

James Frady

© February 27, 2015

Monday, February 9, 2015

Ghosts I Knew

Ghosts I Knew

I live in a ghost town
Where ghosts of the past
Drift through my memories
A forsaken cast
Of specters and spirits
Of people I've known
They no longer dwell here
They've faded and gone

One was a soldier
Who stood straight and proud
He charged into battle
When the cannons were loud
A hero they called him
A medal they gave
And told of his courage
On the stone by his grave

Then there was Robert
So strong and so tough
Who you wanted on your side
If the going got rough
He went in a swinging
One Saturday night
But a man with a pistol
Ended his fight

A lady of darkness
Who held many men
She teased and she tempted
Again and again
She found out their secrets
She told them her lies
But nobody answered
Her pleas and her cries

They found her by morning
Face down in the waves
They laid her alone
In a cold empty grave
No more her laughter
Tempts or delights
But sometimes I hear her
On dark foggy nights

I knew of a gangster
With money and power
Who cheated and murdered
In the wee dark hours
With a knife or a gun
He was wicked and fast
But one midnight ambush
And he breathed his last

I knew all these people
And yes there were others
Who all walked with swagger
And contempt for their brothers
But they all found the end
Was bitter, not sweet
May the good Lord have mercy
When their maker they meet.

©James L Frady

February 20, 2009

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Another Ode to Coffee, (I Love That Stuff)

Coffee, oh coffee, thou warm and black-hearted drink
How I need thee in the morning, before my brain will start to think.
The gurgle from thy aged pot as water flows through your grounds
Is music for the morning, the sweetest of the early sounds
I like thee strong and black, and scalding boiling hot
I love the steam from a big old mug as I pour you from a pot
That first sip is careful, but your flavor is quite divine
I sip you slow and careful, and savor each drink so fine
Then as the cup begins to cool I drink you as from a fount
Because cold coffee is such a drag, in even a small amount.
When empty cup is sitting there, I'm no longer comatose
But I grab my mug and head for the get me another dose!

(c) James L. Frady
February 8, 2015

Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Wind and the Crows

The top most branches in the oak were tossed
By a heavy breeze that had come on
Behind the parting clouds that were fading
And breaking up as they were pushed along

The winter leaves that held on to their branches
Were fighting now to hold on once again
The wind was pulling hard to tug them free
Though neither one had much to lose or gain.

Into this scene I saw a sudden murder
Of crows, black against the winter sky
Some were trying to land in wind-tossed branches
Some were struggling hard in trying to fly

One on a limb was bounced like an old cowboy
Riding on a twisting turning beast
While overhead its partner swooped and turned
In currents flowing, blowing north and east.

Some twenty crows were fighting for a purchase
To perch and rest their wind-weary wings
Most just landed and rested a few brief moments
Then left in search of other, better things.

I watched the last of them as they were leaving
Diving, swerving, sailing to the west
Until the sky and trees were grey and empty
And the wind moaned its song of loneliness

James L. Frady
(c) January 4, 2015