Along with stories, I have for most of my life, enjoyed writing poetry. Some ok, some bad, some terrible, and once in a long while, a winner. You be the judge, and please leave constructive feed back.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Clouds On A Cold Windy Day

Clouds On A Cold Windy Day
I see clouds following their skyward way
Rolling through a sea of flawless blue
As they cross from west to east this frozen day
They are not staying here, just passing through.
They cast cold shadows on the winter grass
Brown and grey and frosty on the ground.
The only evidence that they have passed
Is the chill they leave, then they're eastward bound.
They left the mountains as I watched the sky
And came my way with unhurried haste
And now overhead they're speeding by
As if they're late and have no time to waste.
Over east they'll disappear from view
Across the dappled Peidmont's rolling hills
I stand and watch, with nothing else to do.
Unlike them I am at peace and still.

(c) James Lee Frady 12/12/14